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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Pain Will Never End, this I know

I think there is something really wrong with me, I have chronic fatigue syndrome. and I am sleeping my life away . all i remember is in 2005 i had strep throat and it turned into pharyngitis and then into Rheumatic Fever. and ever sense then my  health has been real bad. my weight has sky rocketed  and my over all enuf is gone. not sure when i lost that but my desire to just be in life has gone,I do not want to Kill myself  while i understand why people do . the chronic pain and the sleepiness and the lack of self worth and motivation , not to add that i have not  one single soul to talk to.yeah i can understand why people could just wanna close there eyes and not be afraid of the never waking up part. if you don't suffer from FIBERMYALGIA AND CHRONIC FATIGUE.. than you can't really under stand pain. with people like myself we are in pain all day ever day and we wake up stiff as if we are dead and just to move my joints is like pushing a baby out of the birth canal. i learned to sleep with ever joint  bent because i know that i can not deal with the pain in the morning.

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