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Saturday, July 20, 2013

feeling a tad mad right now

#‎Caution‬ don't under estimate my lack of emotion. I just try to push on because if you should know how I really feel. You would have a small rip in you bloated heart.do U not understand that it takes a show of extreme tolerance Sometimes not to just smack you in the fu#%ing face . I just don't know where you get off acting as if you have the right! Just because I am barely able to even look at you In a way to show you I am in disgust of who you think you can be towards me.I Speak you laugh as if to say  I am nothing. I am tired of Fu@#ing pretending ,smile of my face.pissed off in my heart, my life has been a roller coaster of Bullsh*t and I am getting fed the fu@# up .... no fu@#ing wonder I am Fu@#ing bi-polar,

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