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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How It Is Or Was Or What Ever!

Sometimes in life you are gonna find that  just because you think it may be doesn't always mean it is so. not that long ago well 7 years ago  , I was living up in Michigan  and I was going to this therapist and  we were chatting and She was like  so tell me a bit about your self .. so we were chatting and she asked me if i thought i was liked by many  and of course i told her no, she asked me why? i told her people don't like me because i tell it how it is and she replies"do you tell it like it is OR do you tell it like you see it" i sat there for a minute i bet i had the duh face on. but i was like i guess i tell it how is see it.. but i didn't realize up until that minute that she asked me that that  ways what it was...long hard thoughts of yesterdays trying to creep op on my tomorrows

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