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Friday, January 6, 2012

But i want to love him.

*i never knew what the term schizophrenia. meant . mental illness yes but never did i think it meant that my life was going to be a prison . I mean you never really think that your going to be in prison if you behave. and. follow the laws.but i was wrong but the prison was in my own heart and in my home.i was in love and so was he . and he was sick with and illness and i didn't think that we shouldn't give love a try simply because he was sick.i mean what kind of woman would i be. i am far from perfect. so mine and his hearts grew fonder of each other  but little did i know is that while we were falling in love he was begin to question me... 
         So have you ever been so in love.I  mean so deep that your every breath  of their being is inhaled into you.well that is the kind of love that i had for him.he wasn't from around here i could tell from one glance of him.he was waring cowboy boots and baggy jeans .he had tucked into his back pocket a wife beater .and  a cap on.." country" i though from one look at him...yum. i thought to myself.but i didn't know how right i was when i yelled hey crazy white  boy,, from across the street he looked across the at me with a shit eating grin.. from his gesture i should have known better but my mind and my heart weren't working together that day.

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