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Sunday, January 8, 2012

so it hasn't taking me a long time to realize that this isn't getting read by anyone but that's OK it's for me to get things off my cheat.anyways i have been stressing out lately my sister is staying here but, man my house seems to get dirty so fast grrr.... man do i wish i could get a better house...the habitat want to build me a house on my land but I'm not sure that would be a good idea because.i have a ant problem real bad the have all but reining the trees so i think they would eat the wood away plus the mice here are bad to I'm in the city but lined up with  a corn field,i don't know...but any way another thing that has been on my mind is that when i was young two of my children were adopted out i know whee they live and thanks to facebook  one of them try's to get a hold of me but m not sure i can talk to him...bc of him only being still in his teens.i just cant wait until the dayu i see them.i feel bad though because there dad has passed away.they wil never get to meet him . he and i wasnt talking but 3 weeks before he passed away he called me. got my number off of facebook. he wanted to ask if i have i had see or heard from the boys i knew of them on facebook but i never talked to them   but i could tell them that i knew that they were fine and that they lived close to me. the next thing i know i'm getting a phone call telling me joe has passed away....life is so short.

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