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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#BirthControl you may say .hummm...

When should I get my Daughter on Birth Control??.
My Thought to this is this...

1. If you get your child's shots for the HPV virus as soon as you can. that will protect her for things such as ,warts,cancers and you talk to them and teach them about safe sex. and you teach them even if they are on Birth control to use a condom, and if your teenager is a male you teach him to use a condom So the don't get pregnant.

NOW some of you can sit there and say not my Daughter , Shit I can say that to til I am blue in the face. But Reality Check Mom's and Dads. ask your self this....

How old were you when you first had sex... I SAY THIS...put your Daughter on Birth Control As soon as you can...your probably thinking That's just like I am gna sit here and accept the Fact that my teenager is gna have Sex. NO!

But that's not it!!! it's because it's not about acceptation it's about prevention!


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